What is Data Science?

Now a days, life depends on internet. Just imagine if computer and internet will completely finish from this world, what happened? All the businesses and economies will destroy. You can simply say, world will be stop. I can talk too much on this topic but today my topic is data science.

As you know there are too much data on internet. You can say, it’s big data. Actually big data is a large amount of data, that is growing exponentially in days. Some best examples of big data is search engines, social media sites and stock exchanges.

“Data Science”: Data science is actually a concept of managing & analyzing data and extract (find) useful information from data.

If you are thinking data science is a computer science field then you are wrong. Data science is a separate field but it’s related to computer science.  Any type of data analysis which may not be related to computer science is also data science.


Knowledge required to become Data Scientist

Data science is most relevant to mathematics, calculations, statics, probability that’s why you must have knowledge about statistics & probability. Following skills required to become a data scientist

  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Linear Algebra
  • Programming or coding
  • Data visualisation
  • Machine Learning
  • Database Management
  • Linux operating System


Data Science benefits

Data science is very popular field now a days, you can build a good future in this field. There are some advantages of   data science

  • There are a lot of jobs for data scientist but few people have full skills set of data science
  • Data Science can provide you a highly paid job.
  • Data science is need for all big companies to manage their data
  • With the help of data science companies can make smarter decisions for future
  • In data science, With the help of machine learning companies can make a smarter products.




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