What is Hacking? Types, Scope

Hacking is actually an art of exploitation. It is an act to find weaknesses or vulnerabilities from  computer systems (computer system mean all the devices who can connect to internet like servers, laptop, tablet, smart phones) or Networks and gain unauthorized access. A person who do this act is called hacker.


Types of Hacking

There are following three types of Hacking

Black Hat

Black hat hacking is illegal, because in black hat hacking a hacker break the others system or network security, destroy files and steal passwords to harm others. A person who do this is called black hat hacker. These are criminals who steal others data with malicious intent.


Ethical or White Hat hacking

Ethical hacking is legal and a profession in all over the world. In ethical hacking a hacker gain unauthorized access to computer system but first he takes the permission to attempt his attack. A person who do this is called ethical hacker. Ethical hackers are actually security experts who test the systems or networks security to prevent it from black hat hackers.

An ethical hacker think same like black hat hackers and try to attempt all attacks (who can do a black hat hacker) to prevent the system from black hats.


Gray Hat Hacking

A gray hat hacker is in between white hat and black hat. The intent of gray hat hacker is not to harm others but he do the attacks on others to test his skills without any permission. In most of the cases he aware the companies or peoples after a successful attack. Gray hat hacker don’t get any permission from the owner that’s why this is considered illegal .


Who is script kiddie?

A script kiddie can be black hat, white hat and also a gray hat. Actually, a script kiddie is a type of hacker who is not professional or not have too much knowledge about hacking. He just use others people tools and try to perform hacking. He have zero knowledge of programming, that’s why he can’t write any script or tool for own self. As you know most of the hacking tools are open source but a script kiddie can’t modify these tools according to his desire. He waits someone other to create a tool.


Is Hacking legal?

Hacking is both legal and illegal at the same time. You can say its a police and thief game. If you learn hacking to secure and protect others from black hat hackers then it is legal and you can become a professional ethical hacker. If your intent to learn hacking, is to harm others then it is illegal.


Scope of Ethical Hacking

As you now this era is the era of internet, without internet you can’t think about living. 4.57 billion active internet users exists today November 2020. According to recent reports, this figure will reached to 7.5 billion till 2030. So internet is a big data, and there is a lot of information of different organization, companies & peoples exist on internet. There are many benefits of internet but the everything have some drawbacks, internet also have many drawbacks the main drawback is a lot of security risks. There are many bad actors(black hat hackers) exist on internet who can steal organization and people information to harm them. So, ethical hacking is not a choice now a days, its a compulsory part of IT companies to prevent from bad actors.

An average salary of ethical hacker is $100000 us dollars. Its depend on your skills.


What Skills Require to become a professional Ethical Hacker?

This is most asked question from the student side, so the following skills you must know to become a professional ethical hacker or security expert.

1) Computer Basic Knowledge

2) Networking Skills

3) Programming Skills

4) Linux Operating System


6)Database Knowledge


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