CMSeek Suit CMS Detection & Exploitation Tool

CMSeek Suit CMS Detection & Exploitation Suit is very useful tool for penetration testers. It is a web scanning tool with following features

Features of CMSeek:

  1. Basic CMS Detection of over 170 CMS
  2. Drupal version detection
  3. Advanced WordPress Scans
    • Detects Version
    • User Enumeration
    • Plugins Enumeration
    • Theme Enumeration
    • Detects Users (3 Detection Methods)
    • Looks for Version Vulnerabilities and much more!
  4. Advanced Joomla Scans
    • Version detection
    • Backup files finder
    • Admin page finder
    • Core vulnerability detection
    • Directory listing check
    • Config leak detection
    • Various other checks
  5. Modular bruteforce system
    • Use pre made bruteforce modules or create your own and integrate with it

CMSeek Installation

Open your Terminal and type following Commands Step by Step



Type the following command to run this tool

Here you can select your option according to your choice



To visit Github Link of This Tool: Click Here

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