Introduction to SQL

SQL(Structured Query Language) is a domain specific language. It is used to communicate with database or manage data in a (DBMS)database management system. It is developed by Donald D Chamberlin & Raymond F. Boyce and first appeared in 1974.

Difference Between SQL and MySQL

SQL is a structured query language of Rational Database management System (RDBMS). Whereas MySQL is a Rational Database management System (RDBMS) which use SQL as a query language.

Note: SQL is used in all the Rational Database Management Systems(RDBMS) like MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Sybase and many others.


Uses of SQL

As you know SQL use to manage data in rational DBMS

  • Use to create a database
  • Delete a database
  • Backup a database
  • Inserting new data in database
  • Deleting old data from database
  • modify or update data in database
  • To create and delete tables
  • To set permissions on tables
  • To create views
  • To set permissions on views
  • To create procedures
  • To set permissions on procedures