Termux basic commands

In This tutorial, you will learn about all basic commands of termux. Termux is an android emulator, where you can install and execute all linux commands and tools.

Check the following list of commands

  • Whoami

This command print out user id.


  • pwd

pwd(print working directory) show the working directory.


  • ls

ls is most commonly used command. This command is used to display files and directories inside a folder (directory).


  • cd

cd (change directory) command is most commonly used command. It is used to change directory or switch to a directory.


  • mkdir

mkdir (make directory) command is used to create a new directory or folder.


  • cp

cp command is used to copy a file or directory.


  • mv

mv is used to move and rename of a files and directories


  • cat

cat command is used to read files content.


  • rm

rm command is used to remove are delete any file or folder


  • history

Using history command you can see the list of all commands which you have used. Termux stores history of commands entered which can be used to repeat


  • apt package

apt is a command line package which is used to handle linux packages.  Using apt command you can perform different tasks like install packages, remove packages, update packages list, upgrade your packages list, show packages details and search packages. Type following command in your termux to show options of apt package






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