Python numpy.empty()

In this tutorial, i’ll tell you  about python numpy empty() function. It returns a new array without initializing entries.


the syntax of python numpy empty() function is



Numpy empty() function can take three parameters:

  • shape: it defines the shape of the new array
  • dtype(optional): It assign a datatype to array, by default is float64
  • order(optional): C-style order in memory or F- Style order in memory. If multi-dimensional array in row major then C-style order in memory and if multi-dimensional array in column-major then F-style order in memory. By defualt , its C-style


Important Note:

empty() doesn’t return zero values like zeros() function.  It returns the Array of uninitialized data. it requires  user to set manually all the values in the array .


Check examples below to understand

Example #1

creating an empty array, with 7 uninitialized  values.



Example #2

creating a numpy empty  array with int data type




creating a 2-denominational empty array , including with two rows and two columns




creating a three dimensional numpy empty array with float data type and F-style order



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