Starting With Python Numpy

This is first Python Numpy Tutorial, In this tutorial you will learn, what is numpy and how to install numpy.


Numpy Introduction:

Numpy is a Python programming language Library, Numpy library code is too much clear than “Regular” Python code. We can operate arrays and metrics directly using numpy, we don’t have need too many loops like Regular Python code. Numpy library have many mathematical functions that make our work easy.


Benefits of Numpy

  • Numpy is faster than regular python code
  • Numpy consume less momery
  • Numpy provides high performance multidimensional arrays
  • It is easier to create arrays using Numpy
  • Easy to create Matrices
  • Built-in Matrices functions exists,  that makes our work easy


Installation of Numpy

To install numpy you must need to have Python and PIP packages, so first install python and PIP packages. After that you can simply type following command on your “command prompt” to install Numpy.



After installing the numpy you can import numpy using following code.

Note: np is an allies that is used mostly by developers. Allies are alternative names to referring the modules. You can use any name in the place of “np”. But “np” is most used allies for Numpy Liberary.


Check Numpy Version

To check numpy version you can use following  code





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